Old Town Scottsdale Lifestyle Portrait Session | Jenna

Old Town Scottsdale Lifestyle Portrait Session

Jenna is a web designer in the Phoenix area. She contacted me needing some workspace/lifestyle photos for her new website. She knew she wanted some specific elements incorporated included in the photos. Including brick, white wood, warm hues, which I was happy to find for her in the location she picked, Old Town Scottsdale. This Scottsdale lifestyle portrait was a lot of fun!

There’s so much variety in colors & textures everywhere you turn in that part of town and I’m very familiar with the area. I love to work out of a handful of coffee shops located there.


Including Schmooze, a work-friendly hangout, coffee shop, restaurant & bar that’s perfect for a photoshoot like this! I suggested it as the spot to begin our shoot and Jenna was all for it. I spoke to the owner of the shop beforehand and he was cool with us shooting there. (It’s always polite to ask beforehand!)

The place has so much varied space to offer. The shoot began in the very back of the coffee shop to work with the large garage window before it got dark. Jenna and I were the only ones using the space, so we were able to set up wherever we pleased and took a few workspace photos.

The two of us moved outside to the front of the building. I spotted an outdoor table that was placed in front of a wall with some beautiful greenery and flowers. We set up for a few more workspace photos there. There were some of my favorite from the hour!

After a few more shots in the outdoor space outside of Shmooze, we left to explore some other areas of town I had picked out beforehand.

Old Town Scottsdale has lots of different sceneries to work within a close distance to each other. We hopped around to some alleyways located in between the various shops & restaurants I scouted and got lots of great content in a short amount of time!

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